Dublin City Council launches new Socio-Economic and Community Plan for Darndale

Dublin City Council today presented the final Darndale Socio-Economic and Community Plan to Councillors from the North Central Area of Dublin City.

The detailed report completed by former Assistant Commissioner of An Garda Síochána, Mr. Jack Nolan over a period of 9 months provides an in depth analysis of Darndale and its surrounding Area. The analysis includes a demographic profile, mapping of the significant existing community services, an identification of current problems and a roadmap to solve these problems into the future.

Mr. Jack Nolan said “Darndale is a proud and vibrant community with a significant infrastructure of existing programmes and services. Existing programmes such as “Preparing for Lifewhich provides wrap around supports to expectant mothers both pre and post birth are an exemplar of what should be provided. Unfortunately in recent times there has been an imbalance between positive and negative influences in the community with negative influences beginning to win out. It is now time for coordinated action from all stakeholders to redress these issues and correct the balance.”

Mr. Brendan Kenny, Deputy Chief Executive, Dublin City Council said: “Dublin City Council are grateful to all stakeholders in the local community for their input into this report. We are fully committed to leading the implementation of this report in partnership with statutory, non-statutory, community and voluntary groups working in the area. There are some great local people and community workers operating in the area. This is an excellent opportunity to coordinate local services while undertaking some additional projects that will have a transformative effect in the local community”.

Actions include the following:

  • Develop a Community Representative Forum
  • Develop a Place Based Leadership Programme
  • Enforce tenancy agreements and relocate tenants engaging in anti-social behaviour and drug sale and supply
  • Develop phase 2 of the Darndale Belcamp Village Centre to promote positive activity in the local community
  • Develop bespoke second level education programmes to maintain the interest of second level students
  • Pilot an Adverse Childhood Experiences Programme in the area
  • Development of a bespoke Crime Prevention Strategy for Darndale including the establishment of a Community Policing Hub
  • Implementation of a restorative practice approach in all schools in the area
  • Establish a confidential drug related intimidation local support network
  • Disseminate information on the availability of programmes and educational opportunities in the area
  • Appoint an overall area service manager to coordinate collaborative youth services
  • Develop a drugs awareness course for primary and secondary schools in the area
  • Expand “Preparing for Life” programme to assist families with school going children

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