Eat and Drink in Dublin

Dublin also has a variety of ethnic restaurants. Dublin's culinary specialty is modern European cuisine with an Irish twist, and you'll find a strong Mediterranean influence in the cooking of Irish produce in the city's top restaurants. Many bars also serve excellent lunches, often featuring classics such as Irish stew. Dublin has around 1,000 neighborhood watering holes. You’ll find everything from old traditional pubs with live Irish music sessions to funky city cocktail bars to amazing with different levels.

However, the city’s best pubs are those that still have their traditional character, with ornate bars, mirrors, marble and stained glass. And, many of the best ones are hundreds of years old. If you haven’t tasted a Guinness in Ireland, these are the places to try the real thing. And, you can go all in with an Irish whiskey chaser. Most places also offer a selection of Irish craft beers and some have food and live music. Get in early and grab a high stool at the bar for some people-watching or eavesdropping on locals.


Dublin is renowned for its fine eating scene. The city is home to 4 Michelin-starred restaurants and some of the most opulent and luxurious dining experiences in Ireland
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Pubs & Bars

The tradition of Irish pubs, or public houses, dates back to ancient history and during the recent years a new wave of construction for popular modern-style pub venues reigns.
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Cafe & Delis

Whether you’re a tea lover or a coffee connoisseur there are plenty of great cafes and coffee shops to choose from in Dublin when you’re in need of a caffeine fix.
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Night Clubs

Dublin has a fantastic nightlife and its pub-to-person ratio is the envy of many cities. As a city with a large population of young people, both natives and students, and constant influx of young, up-for-it tourists all keen to party the Irish way.

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