Evening headlines: Snow warnings issued for three counties; Dublin woman ‘doesn’t bat an eyelid’ during post office robbery

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Snow warnings for three counties ahead of coldest weather since Beast from the East, as Varadkar vows no power cuts for homes

Ireland is preparing to be plunged into sub-zero conditions by an Arctic air mass likely to bring the coldest weather since Storm Emma over four years ago.

Dublin woman ‘doesn’t bat an eyelid’ during post office robbery

A video of a Dublin woman not reacting to an attempted robbery in a Dublin post office has gone viral. The footage, taken on December 6 in Portmarnock, shows the woman not giving up her spot in the queue to a man who seems to be waving a knife, wearing a hoodie and has his face covered.

‘It is humiliating’ – Aer Lingus cabin crew manager loses discrimination claim that uniform ‘sexualised’ female flight attendants

An Aer Lingus cabin crew manager who said female flight attendants were being “sexualised” by uniform rules requiring them to wear heels and nylons has lost her discrimination claim.

GAA announces 2023 fixture schedule for all competitions with later dates for All-Ireland finals

The GAA have published their master fixtures list for 2023, confirming the slightly later dates for next year’s All-Ireland finals.

Over 40 Irish dance teachers and judges facing disciplinary action as part of a global probe into culture of cheating

Over forty Irish dance teachers and judges are now facing disciplinary action as part of a global probe into a culture of cheating within the sport and art form.

Drinking buddies Ed Sheeran and Russell Crowe back Irish distillery venture with Ronan Keating

International music star Ed Sheeran as well as Oscar winner Russell Crowe, British comedian Jimmy Carr and singer Ronan Keating have teamed up to back a new Irish distillery venture, the Irish Independent has learned.

‘I’m still scared’ – boy (17) who threatened to petrol bomb woman’s home avoids prison

A 17-year-old Dublin boy has avoided a custodial sentence after he was convicted of an extortion attempt with threats to petrol bomb a mother’s home.

Eoghan Harris defamation claim against journalist moved to High Court

A judge has ruled a Circuit Court defamation action being taken by former newspaper columnist and senator Eoghan Harris against political journalist Aoife Moore should be moved to the High Court.

Copper Face Jacks sustained revenue hit of €20.7m during the two years of the pandemic

One of the country’s most celebrated night spots, Copper Face Jacks, sustained a cumulative revenue hit of €20.7 million during the two years of the pandemic.

Man charged with murder of Cameron Reilly told gardaí that combination of drugs made him black out, court hears

The man charged with the murder of Cameron Reilly told gardaí that he could not remember what he was doing during a “missing hour” on the night the teenager died violently as he had taken a combination of drugs that made him black out.

‘My Fourth Time, We Drowned’ by Sally Hayden crowned An Post Irish Book of the Year 2022

‘My Fourth Time, We Drowned’ is the first book written by Sally Hayden and details the migrant crisis across North Africa and the Mediterranean, and features dozens of first-hand narratives from people currently living in Libyan detention centres.

Ryanair worker settles €60k case against airline after incident where plane bumped back into air on landing

A cabin crew member on a Ryanair flight that bumped back into the air on landing has settled a €60,000 damages claim against the airline for an undisclosed sum.

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