Former President Mary McAleese says The Crown must be a ‘very difficult’ watch for The Queen

Former President Mary McAleese has said that blockbuster Netflix series The Crown must be a “very difficult” watch for The Queen.

he popular historical drama series has been a talking point in recent weeks due to its depictions of Princess Diana and how her marriage with Prince Charles broke up.

Recent reports have stated that members of the royal family have been upset at the depictions of events in the show and last week, Netflix was urged last week by British Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden to add a disclaimer before every episode, which would state that the drama is fiction.

Speaking on Newstalk’s The Hard Shoulder with Kieran Cuddihy, the former President said that the series must be a hard watch for The Queen after many years of service.

“Her husband is 99 and she’s in her late 90s and it must be very hard after a lifetime of really, self sacrificing service, to her nation to have to see yourself portrayed in the light in that she is portrayed in The Crown,” she said.

“I think it must be very difficult for her at her advanced age to see herself and her family portrayed in the light that they are portrayed.”

Ms McAleese has met Queen Elizabeth many times and worked closely with her in arranging an Irish visit in 2010.

She has spoken previously of the Queen’s sense of humour and her love for Ireland.

She said that she wanted to “exhibit” this love for Ireland when she visited.

“From a human being to human being, I think my experience of her is and I’m very privileged to have that experience, is of a woman of great sense of humour, very exceptionally well read on Irish affairs with a really good grasp of Irish affairs and a deep affection for Ireland which she really wanted to exhibit when she came here,” Ms McAleese added.

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