More benches and tables for Clondalkin Parks

South Dublin County Council has confirmed at its April meeting that there are proposals for 16 benches and 19 upgrades and replacements to benches in the county, writes Kim O’Leary.

There are also three picnic tables and two wheelchair accessible seats for Waterstown Park.

The Public Realm said there will be two new benches and five upgrades for Rathfarnham in addition to the five benches that were added in 2020.

There will be eight new benches for Tymon Park, four new benches in Greentrees Park and two new benches in Kilnamanagh Estate Park.

The council confirmed that nine benches will be upgraded or replaced in Sean Walsh Park and five will be upgraded or replaced in Dodder Valley Park.

It’s expected that the works on the benches and picnic tables will happen this year but may be delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

All of the benches will be made by South Dublin County Council staff and are a new type of bench that they are rolling out across the county.

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