Swords Gran’s home gutted by fire on New Year’s Eve

Neighbours have rallied to the aid of an 88-year-old Swords woman whose home was gutted by fire just days after Christmas.

Michelle Rooney set up an online fund for her nanny Mary after her house in Castle Grange went up in flames on December 30.

Mary’s niece Kaye Kiernan has also put the word out on social media – with hundreds of euros raised for the family in a matter of days.

Mary’s daughter and grandson both live with her and all three are relying on the kindness of family and friends until their home is habitable once more.

Michelle told how Mary had just returned from a morning hospital appointment when the freak blaze broke out last Wednesday December 30.

Fire damage to Mary’s home. Picture: GoFundMe

She said: “On 30 December, my nanny was in her home relaxing after spending the morning in hospital when the unthinkable happened; a fire started in her kitchen.

“My brother managed to get her to safety, and in all the panic my 88-year-old nanny only cared about not losing her home.

“The firefighters worked amazing and managed to stop the fire. Neighbours all came out and gave their support and help as much as they could.

“It was a long, cold and terrifying night… thankfully all are okay, but now the occupants and my nanny are essentially homeless until we can ensure the house is safe.

“As a family we are providing a place to stay, emotional support and all that we can but all my nanny wants is to go home.

“She has lost so much and we are trying our best to pull together for her. It will be a long road, but we will get there.

“I have never asked for help like this before, but as a society we now live in and the community I am from, I know there are many good people out there.”

The fundraiser was set up on Sunday and within 24 hours over e600 had been donated by 22 big-hearted supporters.

To help Mary and her family you can donate here.

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