Today’s headlines: Foreign property dream turned sour for ‘the psychic swindler’; Putin’s ‘lover’ seen in public for first time since before war

Here are the top stories on this morning.

Foreign property dream turned sour for ‘the psychic swindler’

Tom Colton was a 24-year-old accountant and his girlfriend Linda Barden a 23-year-old banker when the Worldwide Property Show expo was held at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin in 1999.

Warmest summer on record, record rainfall… Europe faced climate chaos last year amid weather shocks

Ireland’s winds were strangely calm last year as Europe experienced a year of weather shocks and worrying climate trends.

Putin’s gymnast ‘lover’ seen in public for first time since before war

Vladimir Putin’s alleged mistress has resurfaced in Moscow after speculation she had been lying low in Switzerland.

‘It’s the everyday things that we’ll miss most, like your lovely smile, you were a shining light. We’ll always love you’ – father’s tribute to Kate

United in sorrow, shock and disbelief, a small Galway community bound in solidarity with a young woman and her bereft family came together to say a final goodbye yesterday.

Country emerging from current Covid wave with fall in cases but hotspots remain

Waterford, Carlow, Kerry, Galway, Westmeath and Limerick had the highest incidence of Covid-19 last week, new figures have revealed.

First mica lawsuit as standards body, quarry and council sued

The first in what is expected to be a series of legal cases related to the mica scandal has been initiated in the High Court.

Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator up and running after three-year shutdown

The world’s most powerful particle accelerator – the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – has sprung back to life after a three-year shutdown.

Le grand tête-à-tête: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen on final stretch in French presidential race

Emmanuel Macron yesterday warned of a French future of “hatred” and economic ruin if rival Marine Le Pen clinches tomorrow’s presidential run-off.

‘Coming to Ireland was a miracle but I want to give back to my friends and family in Ukraine’

A Ukrainian woman said fleeing to Ireland with her three daughters was “a miracle” and now she wants to give back to her friends and family still in the war-torn country.

Central Bank warns finance firms about selling risky complex products

Financial firms are putting customer money at risk by investing it in overly complex products their clients don’t fully understand, the Central Bank has warned. – RSS Feed