Win a SenseHub heat detection and health monitoring system

Irelands number one supplier of heat detection and health monitoring equipment, Efficient Farm Systems are giving dairy farmers a chance to win a SenseHub system.

he lucky farmer will win 20 SenseHub ear tags that will monitor activity, rumination and eating. The full system will be installed with back up service and support. The lucky prize winner will be announced on Friday, November 28, and the system will be fully installed the following week.

The competition is now open. You can enter online on the Efficient Farm Systems website or call Alan Heaney on 087-9066479.

What is SenseHub?

Formerly known as Heatime to many Irish farmers, this technology has been around over 16 years. It is currently working on over 1,100 Irish dairy farms whether it be in standalone milking parlours, robotic milking machines or suckler beef farms. In the last two years, a new and next generation tag called SenseHub was launched and it brings many new exciting features and benefits to Irish farmers. 

Why do farmers buy SenseHub tags?

  • Over 15 years’ experience on Irish grazing farms
  • Over 1,100 Irish farms currently using Heatime/SenseHub
  • Over 5million tags sold worldwide
  • Can be used as a neck or ear tag
  • Simple user interface 
  • Multi metric that monitors activity, rumination, eating and calving distress
  • Accurate and reliable with over 95pc heat detection rates
  • Very robust with over eight years battery life
  • Five years flat warranty
  • No annual license fees
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    How is the information viewed ?

    Activity Trends, Heat Behaviors, Daily Rumination and Daily Eating is available on simple graphs. This information is very easy to follow and can be viewed on a smartphone, PC or tablet. All the information is stored in the cloud, which gives multiple users remote access to the information from anywhere and anytime.

    It’s more than just heat detection – it’s livestock intelligence

    For many years, farmers have purchased Heatime for heat detection alone but in recent years, the system has evolved with vast improvements and updates. With the launch of SenseHub, it offers many more features and benefits, namely

  • Early illness detection
  • Daily eating and rumination
  • Distressed calving alerts
  • Silent heats
  • Anestrus cows    
  • Irregular breeders
  • And there is much more too

    You can reduce your labour on farm with the SenseHub drafting gates. The gates are fully integrated with SenseHub and will divert cows (automatically or manually), after milking to the correct drafting pens in a cow friendly and stress-free way. In this way, you can attend to the cow after the milking, knowing that the correct cows are selected. 

    New SenseHub features

    Ongoing software updates ensures all customers get the most up to date algorithms and SenseHub have recently launched the traffic light system for optimum AI timing. By alerting the farmer the optimum time to inseminate, this feature saves farmers time and money when using expensive AI straws or sexed semen.

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    To be in with a chance of winning this excellent prize of 20 SenseHub ear tags that will monitor activity, rumination and eating, please enter online here or call Alan Heaney on 087-9066479. The competition closes on November 28. – RSS Feed